Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Still Smiling?? Plezz You're Wrong Sir!!

I can't stand to see people who had been proved to use money to buy his position still can smile and even still begged for giving the chance for him to compete in the UMNO election.

THIS is Wrong! Malaysian should not allow such a low integrity person like him to be one of the candidates of our leader..

It just like a ''BUDAYA'' that being shown that it is still OK what? "I only play with MONEY to get peoples vote NOT SHOWING my BODY to peoples like E..."

Hello.. You are FAR worse wrong.

Peoples.. we know that there are more peoples involve with the issue, it does not mean anything if you being captured since most of the peoples INSIDE are also doing THE SAME thing.

HaHa.. it is really funny because that is why HE still want to ask permission to compete..

Because you also do the same why can't I?

Hmm.. don't want to shout out more.. JUST SEE HIS FACE!!

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

very funny...


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