Khamis, 5 Mac 2009

Perakian Speaks!!

Tan Sri Prof. Dr. Khoo Khay Kim said,

What does democracy means?

Democracy is government of the people by the people for the people!

Being a Perakian is the fate of me.

Hmm.. ok what? we make the history of our country...

We have two MB in one time,

We have the most supported Sultan,

We are the first state that holding a state legislative assembly session under a tree,

And we do make the country BUSY a little bit. Historical, historic, hysteria...


This country not allowed us to take account on political issue, we can't say what ever that we want, we are punished by the system and most of us lost in there.

So, what is the philosophy of the student movement?

I do read paperworks on this and Prof Abu Bakar has wrote that student movement philosophy is the manifestacy by their status as the student of the university and their function as a matured citizen make them to be more exposed with the current world.

Students is the alternative voice of the peoples.

In the campus, university is the immediate surrounding that is very close to the students and here we interacts with our surroundings.

Our life always mix up by attending the lectures, doing experiments in the lab and finishing the assignments . Here also we should being exposed by the forums, seminar, and listens to ideas and do create new ideas.

Nowadays the students has become more pampered and I am in the same batch that we are those who didn't care about others but ourselves.

We are those who afraid to be more sincere about our feelings to others.

But, now I really do need you to express your feeling about the issues on Perak state..

Hey Perakian, we do have the voice and do speaks!

For me, I definitely will support those who I believe will not taking the money of the peoples, show himself as the real Malaysian( hu hu can speak mandarin some, Tamil some), calm and of course those who perform solat.. Who?

Hey I do care about my state, I do believe that Allah are always with those He know was saying the TRUTh.

Friends, campus is a transition state that we should take it as an important phase to educate ourselves and an essential process of gaining experience.

We learn a lot from experiences..

And Future leaders need experiences...

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