Ahad, 29 Mac 2009

Cerita Lama.. Terkenang Semula...

Pengalaman bersama K. Siti dalam Muktamar Wanita Islam Serumpun Melayu yang menyatukan Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand (Pattani) dan Malaysia di Palace of the Golden Horses tiba-tiba menjengah..

Mungkin sebab baru dapat gambar.. ni..

Dr saodah berdiri ditengah, dikapit oleh saya dan K.Siti bersama seorang pembentang kertas kerja dari Indonesia di sebelah kanan beliau.

Pertemuan dengan Dr. Saodah dari UIAM amat memberi makna terutama kami sempat berusrah selama sejam dengan beliau di surau hotel.

Beliau yang bersikap terbuka sangat teruja menceritakan pengalaman beliau ketika belajar di luar negara.

Beliau menceritakan pengalaman terpaksa tinggal serumah dengan pelajar jurusan phd yang berlainan agama dan bangsa malah berlainan jantina.

Selepas 3 hari berkampung di Palace of The Golden Horses kami singgah ke Musawwah...

Di Hotel The Prince...

Bersama sahabat dari negara Afrika.. sangat mengujakan.....

Khamis, 26 Mac 2009


SIGMA stands for Srikandi Gerakan Muslimat Muda and I am part of them..

We actually are setting up a team...

who want to join us? come on...

We wait for you to be part of us and contact me..

Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

umm.. NO! Aku PASti !!

Aku mendengar Bicara Manusia...Bicara Insan

Manusia: What? 3 bulan tanpa Harakah dan Suara Keadilan?

PASti? Takkanlah KDN bodoh time nak dekat PRK ni nak gantung?

Insan: umm.. NO! Aku PASti

Of course la.. Ko tak baca UTUSan? Akhbar perdana paling DiperCAYAi?

Manusia: Umm.. NO!

Eh, mungkin BARisan NASIonal memang nak kalah kot? Satu sudut bila gantung akhbar alternatif PR macam diANIAYAI so rakyat akan simpati, jika kalah, PASti ada yang dipersalahkan.. Eh ini Komplot nak jatuhkan SESIAPA ke?

Insan: Sape? Anak Tun ZAK ke Anak Ulama'?

Manusia: Kalau kalah siapa yang paling terKESan? Sebelum ni BAR NASI da 3x kalah PRK tau!

Insan: Satu sudut lagi, ini memang strategi nak mengurangkan maklumat sampai kepada rakyat. Eh lupa pulak, suara keadilan dan haraKAHKAH mana boleh dijual kepada rakyat.

Sesiapa nak beli kena join salah satu parti. Jadi, orang PAS,UMNO dan DAP tidak boleh membeli Suara Keadilan.

Ahli PKR, UMNO dan DAP etc tidak boleh membeli HARHARakah. Jadi hanya satu boleh dimiliki dan hanya dibenarkan PINJAM dari sahabat dari parti yang lain.

Namun begitu, perlulah dipastikan orang mengaku ahli sesuatu parti benar-benar mengisi borang parti agar tidak diSALAHfahamkan oleh KDN.

Eh macam mana pula dengan yang tak join mana-mana parti? OWH lupa pula ada banyak alternatif lain seperti UTUSan dan BH...dan bolehlah meminjamnya dari Ahli sesuatu parti.


Tetapi Insan, saya bangga dengan KDN yang bekerja KERAS dengan memastikan keahlian PARTI orang yang membeli sesuatu surat khabar. Mungkin, KDN tidak TIDUR malam meLAKSAnakannya..

Baguslah, KDN tidak makan gaji BUTA..

Hmm jika selepas ini HarakahKAH dan Suara Keadilan dibenarkan dijual, mungkin ramai yang dah masuk salah satu parti kot?

Insan: umm NO! Aku PASti semua da isi borang UMNO sebab tu dibenarkan jual..

Manusia: ???

KuPASan Cerita ni macam RoJAK Kan? Yer la sempena RAZAK2SAT tengah nak NAIK ke Angkasa pemikiran pun bercampur LUMPUR..

Aku Harap RazakSAT2 JANGAN NAIK terhempas kat BULAN pulak

P/s- Is it OK? HU HU I think, UM..no. Aku PASti!!

Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Still Smiling?? Plezz You're Wrong Sir!!

I can't stand to see people who had been proved to use money to buy his position still can smile and even still begged for giving the chance for him to compete in the UMNO election.

THIS is Wrong! Malaysian should not allow such a low integrity person like him to be one of the candidates of our leader..

It just like a ''BUDAYA'' that being shown that it is still OK what? "I only play with MONEY to get peoples vote NOT SHOWING my BODY to peoples like E..."

Hello.. You are FAR worse wrong.

Peoples.. we know that there are more peoples involve with the issue, it does not mean anything if you being captured since most of the peoples INSIDE are also doing THE SAME thing.

HaHa.. it is really funny because that is why HE still want to ask permission to compete..

Because you also do the same why can't I?

Hmm.. don't want to shout out more.. JUST SEE HIS FACE!!

Critical Or creative??

Have you heard that being a critical is not being creative?

Sometimes we think that being a critical person is how you think creatively but it is not.

Critical is about how you can be a person that can questioning something, Whether it is true or not, how it happens and critical also make you very alert of everything.

Actually, thinking is a skill that sets humans apart from other living beings on earth. Of course this is true since we human can choose what is good and what is bad for us. But, always remember that we have to refer back to al-Quran and Sunnah since that is our first sources.

Alif-Lâm-Mîm. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur'ân and none but Allâh (Alone) knows their meanings].This is the Book (the Qur'ân), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqûn [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allâh much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allâh much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)]. (Al-Baqarah 1-2:2)

The ability to think and reflect on one's own thoughts and actions has progressed human race from being cave-dwellers to setting foot on the moon. The fact is all human think, but some have mastered thinking skills and able to make better and reasoned decisions in their daily lives.

There are 3 types of thinking skills that all professionals needs to master:
  1. critical thinking
  2. constructive thinking
  3. creative and innovate thinking
But, now I only want to discuss about Critical Thinking.

Critical Tinking

Critical thiking is based on the notion of "getting the truth" and allows us to make informed desicions with the information available at hand. It dates back some 2500 years in ancient Greece where logic took centre stage with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Critical thinking is an important skill that allows us to analyze and evaluate information, evidence and ideas.

Critical thinking skills allow us to succeed in a world that is full of uncertainty and where perfect information can never be available.

Such as you must think when you read any newspaper, especially those political papers and conventional papers also any commercial that you read or watch on TV.


Hey, remember VISTA? When it first introduce, all peoples believe that it was better than previous software. But what actually happen now?

I do not want to answer this, you can think right? It is because, the people who introduce it have his own vested interest (of course for marketing), it has a good history and peoples believe on someone who they think have the authority to talk. What-so-ever. look at the picture and watch the youtube as a comment.


Khamis, 5 Mac 2009

Perakian Speaks!!

Tan Sri Prof. Dr. Khoo Khay Kim said,

What does democracy means?

Democracy is government of the people by the people for the people!

Being a Perakian is the fate of me.

Hmm.. ok what? we make the history of our country...

We have two MB in one time,

We have the most supported Sultan,

We are the first state that holding a state legislative assembly session under a tree,

And we do make the country BUSY a little bit. Historical, historic, hysteria...


This country not allowed us to take account on political issue, we can't say what ever that we want, we are punished by the system and most of us lost in there.

So, what is the philosophy of the student movement?

I do read paperworks on this and Prof Abu Bakar has wrote that student movement philosophy is the manifestacy by their status as the student of the university and their function as a matured citizen make them to be more exposed with the current world.

Students is the alternative voice of the peoples.

In the campus, university is the immediate surrounding that is very close to the students and here we interacts with our surroundings.

Our life always mix up by attending the lectures, doing experiments in the lab and finishing the assignments . Here also we should being exposed by the forums, seminar, and listens to ideas and do create new ideas.

Nowadays the students has become more pampered and I am in the same batch that we are those who didn't care about others but ourselves.

We are those who afraid to be more sincere about our feelings to others.

But, now I really do need you to express your feeling about the issues on Perak state..

Hey Perakian, we do have the voice and do speaks!

For me, I definitely will support those who I believe will not taking the money of the peoples, show himself as the real Malaysian( hu hu can speak mandarin some, Tamil some), calm and of course those who perform solat.. Who?

Hey I do care about my state, I do believe that Allah are always with those He know was saying the TRUTh.

Friends, campus is a transition state that we should take it as an important phase to educate ourselves and an essential process of gaining experience.

We learn a lot from experiences..

And Future leaders need experiences...

Ahad, 1 Mac 2009

The Scientis's Dinner

Hey we are just celebrating dinner for the final year students..

He He its just for EATING actually but we take more pictures than eating..