Selasa, 29 Disember 2009


I found this book at the library and my eye catch the funny cartoon cover.

I bet you will agree with me that this book is really funny and interesting to read.

Yup! It is not a heavy reading and I suggest to those who having big headache and facing the most tension life in their day try to read this book.

I can say that some of the jokes are really wise and make me think.

Here, I put one of the funniest humour from the book. ( I am smiling writing this!)


It had been a while since the children of the village played a trick on Pak Him.

One day as Pak Him was conducting his usual classes in Qur'an reading and moral behavior, some of his students in the back row began to snicker.

Pak Him knew they were hatching a mischievous plan, but he continued teaching as though he was none the wiser.

Towards the end of class Pak Him asked the students if they had any questions. seeing that this was an opportunity, one of the miscreants at the back of the class raised his hand. "O teacher, would it be in conformity with the Islamic principles of good behavior if one were to eat in the bathroom?"

The student who asked the qustion knew that it was not, but he wanted to show his friends that he was able to confound the clever teacher.

Pak Him smiled wryly and answered, " Of course you may eat in the bathroom my boy, but brush your teeth before you come out or people may think you were eating shit."

Haha so funny!
There are also illustrations added altogether with some of the stories which make the book is a really fun book to read.

The book had been written by Syed ali Tawfik Al-Attas and published by MPH publishing.
You can buy it by spending only RM12 for the book.

So long for now, and enjoy reading..

Selasa, 22 Disember 2009

I Met Him!

I am thankful to Allah for giving me a chance to meet and hear the speech of the most known ulama' Prof Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi.
The speech had been translated beautifully into Malay by Ust Ghani ( YDP SHURA) at the Masjid Negeri, Shah Alam.
Prof Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi firstly shown his respect to our beloved country and told the audience that he had came to visit Malaysia about 8 to 9 times and the first time he came was with the invitation by Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Prof Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi then told us that the story about bird building their nest outside the cave and the spider web being build at the mouth of the cave when Rasulullah s.a.w. was hiding from the Quraish actually have no significance evidence.
Then, he told us the Muslim should be together in Jamaah which is stronger than we are being separated away. Muslim must hold their religion tightly and follow what had been told in the Holy Quran and hadith.
To be truth, I still regretting myself of not being able to understand Arabic very well since I dispirited to further studying the language after getting C for Arabic (PMR). The speech must be said beautifully in Arabic and it is very poor of me cannot understand it in the genuine language.
Prof Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi at the end of his speech had been asked to say some "Doa' " (pray) for the Muslim. It was a very special moment where everybody in the mosque are silent and listening to the sheikh doa' then together we said amin for each doa'. It is indeed make me want to cry and again I am praising to Allah of giving me the chance to meet one of the most known Muslim scholars.
However, after the doa' I have to rush back to my booth which I have to take care off. I cannot see him near enough! (poor of me!)
p/s: It was great if we can met an ulama'! So, how about you?

Rabu, 16 Disember 2009

I am Malaysian

This is just a piece of opinion of me about Malaysia.
I am indeed a Malaysian. I born here and live here until now ( haha no chance to go another country..) But still I believe my lovely country is the best place that I should stay.
Most of us praise their own country.. It is normal and usually based on our long experience living there.. and I am part of those people who love their own country.
However, I am sad with those who still believe that our Malaysian Chinese community and our Indian community does not feel the same like us the Malays.. Hello.. They also part of us! They are Malaysian and I believe that they also have the same feeling as I am about my beloved country.
To be truth, when I am still schooling at SMK Sultan Yussuf, I made friends with all races. Yap Wai Sean, Edwind, Bala, Viki and me have good time together. We purely being friends like there are no barrier between us.
It is different here in the university.. All the races made their own community. They only believes their own race. We are not mingle around among the races and I am confused why does this happen when we become adult.
Where is the pure heart that we have when we sit together and eat together at the school?
We never have bad impression about other races in school.
I love my Chinese chemistry teacher and still looking forward of seeing him.
I love my Indian history teacher and still amaze with a lot of facts that she told me.
I am having great time spending years at Sultan Yussuf!
How come we are being separated too much at the university?
Purely from my heart, I hope we as Malaysian should trust each other and shape the future of our beloved country, Malaysia.

Khamis, 10 Disember 2009

Saya Pun Melayu ( I am Malay)

I am searching this book (Saya Pun Melayu) at the bookfair (PWTC) last year, but failed then I forgot about it.. Especially when I loaded my bookshelf with other books.

Alhamdulillah after about a year.. I was able to read it! Praise to Allah and thanks to Syud!

I am really exited of reading the book eventhough it is a bit outdated with another book from Zaid Ibrahim had been published. However this is a piece of item that I as young generation reads. It does contain a point of view that we should know and understand further.

I am reading the Malay version since this the genuine language being used to write the book. Yes it has it own value when he write Saya Pun Melayu in Bahasa originally.

With Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah foreword (kata pengantar), the book started with Razaleigh describing the political crisis that happen in the country should be handled not by UMNO alone but all of the rakyat should also involve.

Razaleigh also believe that the younger generation especially those who live at the villages and those who are underprivileged should read it. Besides, Razaleigh want the youth know how the poor people also can survive and challenge for a better future.

Allow me to write in Malay, indeed I am A Malay too.

Pandangan Sisi tentang Buku ini yang menarik:

Saya akan memulakan pandangan sisi ini dengan memberikan isi kandungan buku ini agar difahami oleh anda..

Isi Kandungan:

1. Pendahuluan

2. Bab 1: Letak Jawatan Sebagai Menteri

3. Bab 2: Ketuanan Melayu

4. Bab 3: Siapa Melayu?

5. Bab 4: Raja, Perlembagaan dan Maruah Melayu

6. Bab 5: Apa yang Penting untuk Orang Melayu

7. Bab 6: Mengenal Erti Hidup

8. Bab 7: Melangkah ke Dunia Baru

9. Bab 8: Memburu Cita-cita

10. Bab 9: Menjadi Peguam

11. Bab 10: Mengenali Politik

12. Bab 11: Resipi Untuk Berjaya dalam UMNO

13. Bab 12: Kerja Kebajikan dan seni

14. Bab 13: Penderitaan Salleh Abas

15. Bab 14: Mahathirisme

16. Bab 15: Politik Melayu dan Pakatan Rakyat

17. Bab 16: Fasisme, Komunisme, dan Kebebasan

18. Bab 17: Masa Depan Melayu

19. Bab 18: Sumbangan kaum Bukan Melayu

20. Bab 19: Politik dan Moral

21. Bab 20: Pemimpin yang Saya Hormati

22. Penutup

Pendahuluan buku ini dimulai oleh Zaid dengan memberitahu pembaca bahawa beliau bukan seorang penulis semulajadi (natural) dan ini memang satu permulaan merendahkan diri beliau yang saya anggap agak menarik. Pendahuluan merupakan cara beliau memberitahu pembaca tujuan utama beliau menulis buku ini. 4 tujuan utama beliau menulis buku ini ialah:

1. Meningkatkan minat mebaca di kalangan Melayu.

2. Mengharapkan Melayu mengekalkan semangat toleransi dan sederhana.

3. Demokrasi negara kita adalah demokrasi 'kangkung'

4. Mahu Anak Muda memahami bahawa tidak ada jalan mudah untuk mencapai kejayaan.

Perkara paling menarik pada pandangan saya ialah apabila beliau meberitahu pembaca bahawa isteri beliau memberitahunya bahawa tidak pernah isterinya melihat beliau (Zaid) dalam keadaan sangat muram dan tidak gembira sebelum menjadi menteri.

Pembaca juga didedahkan dengan sejarah politik negara yang diberikan oleh pandangan sisi beliau. Zaid lebih banyak mencampur aduk cerita yang terkadang mungkin menyebabkan pembaca kurang jelas dengan tajuk yang beliau sampaikan. Namun, mungkin itulah teknik penulisan beliau yang mungkin sedikit menonjolkan siapa dirinya yang sebenar.

Bagi saya, memahami penulisan beliau merupakan satu langkah yang baik untuk memahami situasi politik semasa ketika beliau meletakkan jawatan dan pandangan politik seorang yang bernama Zaid Ibrahim.

Pemerhati politik yang lain mungkin sudah lama menghadam buku ini namun mungkin lebih ramai pembaca yang kurang meminati politik belum membaca tulisan beliau, nasihat saya adalah anda perlu mencuba untuk membacanya kerana tidak rugi malah sangat berbaloi.

Antara lain beliau turut meletakkan beberapa gambar beliau yang dijadikan sebagai selitan buat buku ini.

Secara keseluruhan, Zaid Ibrahim merupakan seorang yang mempunyai pendirian dan saya sangat menyukai karakter sisi beliau ini dimana dalam keadaan politik kini di mana manusia mudah mengabaikan pendirian mereka hanya demi kepentingan politik adalah amat ramai. Berani saya nyatakan pelajar politik media sewajarnya sudah membaca buku beliau ini.

p/s: The cover does have it's own attraction! Do you agree with me?

Ahad, 6 Disember 2009

Feel Lucky If I'm Rich Now!

HUGE sales.. BUT no MONEY..

I am penniless at the Bad Big Book Sales..

Huhu I spent a lot but still feel really bad of not buying more than that especially after I went to kinokinuya today..

The book prices indeed have a very huge different and uncomparable!

So, I adore those who having the Credit Card just now and pick almost 4 boxes of books!

However, I am lucky of being there at the Amcorp Mall as early 10.30a.m on the first day and buy worth books.. with cheap prices..

p/s- HUhu I Just Want More MONEY!

Selasa, 24 November 2009

Bad Book Big Sale are Coming!

I was informed that there are a huge book sale at Amcorp Mall, PJ starting on 26 November 2009.

It was located on the 4th floor which will be selling famous book with cheap prices!

There are RM5 books of Meg Cabbot (My Princess Diaries!) and more..

I was so exited and hoping there are few books catch my eyes!

and do not forget to reserve money for those books...

Isnin, 16 November 2009

Do You KNOW?

Hmm this article was translated by me for a website, just enjoy reading it!

Mecca is the Centre of the Earth!

Like a magnet, Mecca had been focused by Muslims all over the world since more than 2000 years ago.
Despite of that, this holy city indeed is the centre of the earth surface based on the research made by geologist.
They concluded that about 4.5 billions years ago when the earth had been born there are a few of plat movement around the Saudi Arabia plat.
The well arranges movements happened since centuries like it was centred to one place that is the Arab.

Based on the research result, a conference had been held by Yusuf al-Qardawi together with a few Muslim scientist that is known as “Mecca: The Centre of the Earth, Theory and Practice” on April 2008.
A resolution had been made that is to make “Mecca Time” as a substitute to Meridian Greenwich (GMT).
One of the scientific facts based on Quranic verses that being raised in the conference is the truth that the centre of the earth is Mecca.

Besides, one of the geologists explained that Mecca was situated exactly on the North Magnetic line that is not the same longitude as other places.
The facts had been strengthened by the main reason why Muslims all over the world never stop themselves visiting Mecca, hence Mecca never left empty from Muslims that came from various places and various race and colours along the year.

haha without the scintific finds it's already a Muslim centre!

Sabtu, 7 November 2009

Haruki Murakami; UNDERGROUND

I was amaze with this book, as usual I am a bibliografic lover fell in love with this book.

Underground tell us the real stories behind the underground train attack that happened in Tokyo, Japan.

Haruki Murakami gives us the real testimony of the person involved..

The attack killed 12 persons and caused a lot of peoples suffered side effects of the attacks.

It was written nicely and connected nicely.

Each person being interviewed personally and this give us different aspects of the tragedy and made us to imagine it clearly.

Overall, for me it is a special book to read for those who want to understand more about the tragedy, how Japanese think, peoples reaction on a sudden attack and much more.

p/s: I borrowed UNDERGROUND from UM's Library, so I am not sure where you can get it..

Teluk Kemang! I'm Coming...

This is an encouragement article for myself!

After exam we will celebrate it by riding the Banana Boat at Teluk Kemang..

Oh Please.. Study now and celebrate later..

Huhu.. Want to join us?

p/s- To all the gengs... Dont forget the promises...

Jumaat, 6 November 2009

An Introduction to Fungal Biotechnology

This is the book that I have been reading for these few weeks.

Those who really wish to take the subject next semester must try to grab it!

The book is my best friend for the subject and do help me to understand further.

Furthermore, both lecturers use the same book for their notes.

Exam week! Oh please do get an A for it! Ameen....

Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

The Budget, How the Government is Spending OUR Money!

I went to a forum about budget at the Chinese Assembly Hall just a few day before and I bought this book "The BUDGET. How the Government is spending OUR money".

This book is the best helper for those who are unfamiliar with those complicated budget terms and it do really an eye opener for us about how the government run our money.

I am reading it now. Just do not want all of you miss the info about it..

Try to catch it up! the issue was all around now..

Here I put the details.. (lucky me, I buy it just for 15 ringgit.. Thanks to the forum orginizer)

Author: Teh Chi-Chang
Publisher: REFSA
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9789834462963
106 pages

Isnin, 26 Oktober 2009

My Father's Notebook

I started reading the book before raya and I manage to finish it two weeks after raya..

Yes, the story started slow and hard to be understand at first.

But, to be truth after pages by pages the story became more interesting after I start to understand Kader Abdullah style of writing.

"My Father's Notebook" do bring us to discover the life of Iranian before and after the Khomeini.

Kader Abdullah does have it own way to tell story about a person life, or maybe his personal life.

It is quite interesting when a mute deaf father communicate trough his children especially the son. Hence, the son seem to be very part of his father and the son do feel he was part of his father.

However, the father do have his own planning about the son and start to send his son to school. The son grown up as an educated person and further studies to the capital city.

The story after that became more interesting, where the involvement of the son with the secret society or underground movement to change the Shah government.

One interesting part of the book is it was started with surah al-kahfi and eventhough I am really not sure why he did it, maybe it have the connection with the one of the cave that being visited by the deaf mute father. It is still one thing to discover about this book.

I do believe you will be more close to Iranian history after reading the book.

The book was written in Dutch and tranlated by an english women, and I can surely conform it was translated beautifully.

Try to enjoy the book.. (to be truth I do not really like the son because he did'nt pray and perhaps an atheis..)

But still this is one of my reading stuff..

Change A Look..

The blog had change a look a little bit..

I am posting back a few of my article about my point of view about some books..

I am hoping to write a lot about books after this..

Comments are welcome to the articles..

Hope to write new articles soon..

See ya!

Ahad, 25 Oktober 2009

Ingin Jadi Pujangga

A. Samad Ismail dalam kompilasi cerpennya “Ingin Jadi Pujangga” mencatat banyak cerita yang berkaitan dengan dunia kewartawanan malah jika dibaca secara keseluruhan kita akan nampak perkembangan sejarah Negara seiring dengan cerpen beliau yang pada hemat saya memang lahir dari sudut hati beliau.

Sungguhpun tulisan beliau dilihat sebagai karya sastera sahaja, jika dibuat kajian bentuk tulisan tersebut adalah antara peniup gelombang semangat kemerdekaan di kalangan rakyat di zaman tersebut.
Yang menariknya adalah A. Samad Ismail juga pernah meringkuk di dalam penjara semasa zaman British dan menyeludup keluar tulisan cerpen beliau dengan nama pena berbeza.

Banyak peristiwa Negara dicatat di dalam cerpen tersebut antaranya zaman komunis, Darurat, kaum tua, kaum muda, pemergian Tunku ke Indonesia, Zaman PAS masuk BN dan sebagainya.

Perkembangan pemikiran beliau juga seolah dicatat dengan sengaja, terdapat cerpen yang menyebut dengan jelas masa muda merupakan jiwa
yang ingin segalanya pantas dan penuh semangat, tetapi setelah meningkat usia, semangat itu berkurangan.

Bagi saya, tulisan beliau banyak membantu kita memahami situasi dan demografi zaman dahulu. Cubalah membaca tulisan beliau,pasti anda memahami maksud saya.

Sekali lagi, sekiranya A. Samad Ismail tidak menyeludup tulisannya, tidak berkarya, alangkah ruginya dunia penulisan Negara kita.

Sabtu, 24 Oktober 2009

Enjoy Your Life...

Written by Dr M Abd Al-Rahman Al-Arifi

A life after is far BETTER than this world but there is no wrong of having a good life here with ISLAMIC view..

Try to read this book, Enjoy Your Life, it was published by Darussalam. Actually it was written in Arabic and being translated in English by Darussalam.. Hmm I will give my review after exam week. With Allah's will.

This book was written beautifully and drag me into it's value.. Alhamdulillah..

Jumaat, 23 Oktober 2009

Asiah ‘Ali dan Wanita

This article had been written by me last year (2008), it is about a Malay book entitled Muslimat Pencorak Masyarakat. I never seen the book after that..

Selepas bertungkus lumus tidak tidur semalaman kerana menyiapkan assignment ‘Plant Breeding’, malah terpaksa melepaskan meeting GAMIS yang sewajarnya dihadiri saya terpandang sebuah buku kusam yang tersusun kemas di atas rak buku di rumah sewa.

Kulit buku yang tak menarik memang menyukarkan pembacaan saya.

Memandangkan tajuknya adalah ‘Muslimat Pencorak Masyarakat’, mungkin isinya menarik dan wajar dibaca.

Selepas memulakan pembacaan, saya teringat sebuah pepatah Inggeris “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Buku ini ternyata dikupas dengan baik oleh penulisnya, Asiah ‘Ali dengan membawakan tema wanita berdasarkan dalil al-Quran dan hadis.

Kali ini biar kita bicarakan bab pertama buku ini.

Kedudukan Wanita Dalam Islam:

Bab ini dimulai dengan keadaan semasa wanita yang merupakan sebahagian besar dari jumlah penduduk dunia serta menyoroti sejarah kedudukan wanita di zaman jahilliah.

Di zaman jahiliah taraf wanita adalah amat rendah sekali dan ada pula yang menganggap wanita sebagai hamba sahaya. Malah ibu bapa terlalu takut untuk memelihara anak perempuan kerana dikhuatiri akan membawa keaiban kepada keluarga.

Beliau juga secara kasar memaparkan situasi wanita di pelbagai tempat:

  • India- terdapat adat memaksa isteri membakar diri bersama mayat suaminya. Sedangkan Islam membenarkan perkahwinan semula selepas menjadi balu atau janda selepas waktu edah.

  • China- wanita dianggap hamba sahaya dan tidk berhak memiliki harta sedangkan di dalam Islam wanita diperuntukan sejumlah bahagian di dalam pemilikan harta pusaka.

Orang lelaki mendapat bahagian harta peninggalan ibu bapa dan kerabatnya dan orang perempuan mendapat bahagian dari harta peninggalan ibu bapa dan kerabatnya. Ia sedikit dari bahagian lelaki atau terbanyak mengikut pembahagianyang telah ditetapkan. An-nisa4: ayat 7

Kemudian beliau menyatakan bahawa setelah kedatangan Islam kedudukan wanita di dalam masyarakat lebih mulia dan diberikan hak-haknya. Namun begitu beliau mendapati wanita kini semakin mendapat hak-hak yang wajar dimiliki tetapi telah meminta perkara yang tidak sepatutnya.

Permintaan supaya dibenarkan berpakaian seperti lelaki, melaksanakan seks bebas dan sebagainya. Saya percaya sekiranya tulisan ini relevan dibaca pada tahun beliau menerbitkan buku ini pada tahun 1993, kini apatah lagi.

Beliau turut menyatakan pendirian islam di dalam beberapa sub-topik iaitu

wanita dan undang-undang

Wanita dan Ekonomi

Wanita dan nilai Kemasyarakatan

Wanita dan Alam Perkahwinan

Peranan Isteri dan Ibu

Bekerja dan Memimpin

Tangggungjawab Atas Kesalahan

Menuntut Ilmu

Adab dan kesopanan Wanita

Wanita Dan Undang-undang:

Undang-undang adalah terlaksana terhadap setiap insan tidak kira lelaki atau perempuan.

Jika kita meninjau perundangan di Negara Eropah, sebenarnya banyak undang-undang yang menindas wanita.

Sebelum abad ke-20- wanita tidak dibenarkan bersekolah

Sebelum 1890- wanita berkahwin tidak dibenarkan memiliki harta persendirian

Sebelum 1918- wanita tidak dibenarkan mengundi

Ini adalah bertntangan dengan Islam di mana setiap undang-undang mestilah adil dan sesuai dan melindungi kebajikan wanita.

Rasulullah juga pernah bersabda

“orang-oang dahulu binasa kerana apabila bangsawan mencuri dibiarkan dan apabila orang bawahan mencuri dijalankan hukuman. Demi Allah sekiranya Fatimah binti Muhammad mencuri (anak baginda sendiri) pasti kupotong tangannya”

Wanita dan Ekonomi

Di dalam ekonomi Islam mengambil beberapa cara:

  1. Menetapkan pembahagian harta pusaka yang menjamin pembahagian kekayaan antara manusia dengan adil.
  2. Menyekat harta kekayaan daripada terlonggok pada tangan seseorang sahaja.
  3. Islam juga menegah mewasiatkan harta kepada orang yang bukan waris lebih daripada satu pertiga dari harta yang diwasiatkannya.

Beliau juga menerangkan bahawa bahagian lelaki adalah lebih banyak daripada perempuan kerana tangggungjawab yang dimiliki oleh lelaki adalah lebih banyak berbanding dengan wanita. Lelaki yang diwajibkan memberikan nafkah.

Disinilah letaknya keadilan islam, ,meletakkan sesuatu perkara sesuai dengan tempatnya.

Wanita dan nilai kemasyarakatan.

Islam menghapuskan perbezaan antara manusia, iaitu seperti peraturan kasta, berpuak-puak, golongan bangsawan dan bawahan serta lain-lain perbezaan.

Sebagaiman firman Allah:


“ Wahai manusia. Sesungguhnya kami ciptakan kamu daripada jenis lelaki dan perempuan dan kami jadikan kamu dari berbagai bangsa dan berbagai puak supaya kamu dapat mengenali di antara satu sama lain. Sesungguhnya orang yang paling mulia di sisi Allah ialah orang yang paling bertakwa.

Al-Hujirat 49:ayat 13

Sejak dari itu wanita Islam mula terbela..

Wanita dan Alam Perkahwinan:

Beliau menerangkan bagaimana talaq boleh dilakukan sebanyak 3kali untuk memberi peluang kepada kedua-dua pihak bertentangan selepas berjauhan untuk beberapa ketika. Kuasa talaq sekalipun di tangan lelaki tetapi boleh dipindahkan ke tangan wanita.

Peranan Sebagai Isteri dan Ibu.

Asiah ‘Ali menyatkan dengan bersungguh bahawa inilah peranan paling penting dan tugas murni seorang wanita.

Beliau turut menjadikan hadis rasulullah sebagai panduan:

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W

“syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki ibu”

Bekerja dan Memimpin:

Asiah juga menyatakan bahawa wanita juga dipertanggungjawabkan sebagai seorang pemimpin.

Hal ini tertera di dalam al-Quran.


“Dan orang-orang lelaki briman dan perempuan yang breiman, sebahagian mereka menjadi pemimpin kepada sebahagian yang lain. Mereka menyuruh kepada yang ma’ruf, mencegah dari yang mungkar, mendirikan solat, menunaikan zakat dan taat kepada Allah dan rasulnya”

Al-Taubah 9:ayat71

Tanggungjawab Atas kesalahan.

Undang-undang Islam berkaitan jenayah adalah saksama antara wanita dan lelaki.

Cth Al-MAidah : ayat 28 dan n-nur: ayat 2

Menuntut Ilmu:

Di dalam Islam perempuan dan lelaki memang diwajibkan menuntut ilmu. Ilmu ini merangkumi pelbagai aspek.

Adab dan Kesopanan Wanita:

Bagi menjaga kesucian diri, maruah serta menjamin kesejahteraan masyarakat dari sebarang fitnah dan noda, maka Islam mengenakan beberapa adab dan kesopanan.


Sacara keseluruhan Islam merupakan agama yang menyelamatkan golongan wanita, walaupun terdapat salah faham yang meliputi golongan bukan islam bahawa wanita Islam ditindas, sebenarnya banyak lagi yang mereka tidak ketahui akan hikmahnya seperti isu Poligami.


For those who disbelieve god have to read such a lovely story by Johanna Spyry, it always makes me remember what have been told in al-Quran.

And your Lord has said, ‘Call on Me and I will respond to you, in other words, worship Me and I will reward you — judging [this to be the meaning] by what follows. Surely those who disdain to worship Me shall enter (sa-yadkhulūna, or [passive] sa-yudkhalūna, ‘they shall be admitted into’) Hell [utterly] humiliated’, abased.


This verse of Qur'an actually is the main point why we have to pray to Allah and told him whatever we want and believe Him (Allah) that one day He (Allah) will full fill our prayers.

This had been told beautifully in the book, at the moment when grandmama told her to say her prayer every night.

It was the time when Heidi told Grandmama that she had stop pray to God because she feels like the God didnt hear what she pray and because nothing happen after it.

Grandmama answers really struck me,

"You are wrong, Heidi; you must not think of Him like that. God is a good father to us all, and knows better than we do what is good for us. If we ask Him for something that is not good for us, He does not give it, but something better still, if only we will continue to pray earnestly and do not run away and lose our trust in Him. God did not think what you have been praying for was good for you just now; but be sure He heard you, for He can hear and see every one at the same time, because He is a God and not a human being like you and me. And because He thought it was better for you not to have at once what you wanted, He said to Himself: Yes, Heidi shall have what she asks for, but not until the right time comes, so that she may be quite happy. If I do what she wants now, and then one day she sees that it would have been better for her not to have had her own way, she will cry and say, 'If only God had not given me what I asked for! it is not so good as I expected!' And while God is watching over you, and looking to see if you will trust Him and go on praying to Him every day, and turn to Him for everything you want, you run away and leave off saying your prayers, and forget all about Him. And when God no longer hears the voice of one He knew among those who pray to Him, He lets that person go his own way, that he may learn how foolish he is. And then this one gets into trouble, and cries, 'Save me, God, for there is none other to help me,' and God says, 'Why did you go from Me; I could not help you when you ran away.' And you would not like to grieve God, would you Heidi, when He only wants to be kind to you? So will you not go and ask Him to forgive you, and continue to pray and to trust Him, for you may be sure that He will make everything right and happy for you, and then you will be glad and lighthearted again."

Isn't it beautiful? you must read this..

This story also brought me to another world of Swizerland which it had been told clearly by Spyry. I can feel the fresh air of the mountains there, I can visualize the snow and even shiver when I read the coldness.

The winter, springs and summer are beautifully visualize by her and it really interesting how she describe the characters inside.

Even the city of Frankfurt also been told like we have been there before when reading it.

The story started slow which it seems like we are focusing on uncle Alp but it does have it's own significant and brilliant idea to put it there and we can feel the changes of character of Uncle Alp.

BY the way this is really a good classic story for us to read eventhough it had been filmed since we can see the different of feeling by reading it ourself and visualize it on our own imagination.

Here I put some of the hymm that heidi told to grannie,

The golden sun
His course doth run,
And spreads his light,
So warm and bright, upon us all

'We see God's power
from hour to hour.
his love is sure,
And will endure for evermore.

My heart is sad, my eyes grow dim,
Yet do I put my trust in Him,
and in due time, all sorrow past,
In safety home I'll come at last.'

Rabu, 2 September 2009

Very Few Posting Lately..

Rhizome of Alpinia conchighera

influorescence flower of Alpinia conchighera
(teken by ME, creative? )

Sorry for not being so updated..

I am 'playing' with Alpinia sp. lately

HUHU Project on progress...

Selasa, 1 September 2009

Ask Me No Questions, and I Tell You No Lie..

Those who called themselves as 'minister' or 'ex-minister' and politician also NGO's must be able to say the title of this posting..

This is my little advice.. Please do not give opinion on something that you are not informed with or you do not know.

Yes! Simple and easy.. If not you will be look so stupid and your talks are rubbish..

Hmm, maybe this is a little expression of mine about certain views that being thrown by some of our well known person in Malaysia about Kartika..

But here, I dont have anything to comment about her, just mentioning it here to give a clear clue what am I talking about.

40 years our country lead by a 'Wierdo'

A 'wierdo' who mention this country is an Islamic country, but do not understand the purity of being a Muslim is understanding the Noble Quran and al-hadith.

A 'wierdo' who does have his own agenda for the country..

A 'wierdo' who is still 'barking' and 'echoing' his voice no where hoping people will listen to him, and yes there are 'stupido' who listen to him..

A 'wierdo' who now is supporting the head of the country that reflect him as well.

What a long journey that we have to expell the 'wierdo' by handling another 'wierdo' now..

Please, "ONE MALAYSIA" or with my own better word, 'whole Malaysian' must be aware with those 'Wierdo'..


Haha, change your vote for a beautifull full moon next time.. just an advice.. huhu

p/s- I think Perakian always love Engineer.. (so, do you?)

Isnin, 3 Ogos 2009

Protest against ISA is a Must!

Students’ statement on Internal Security Act (ISA)

We, the student movement in which is based on the principle of justice, strongly condemned the Internal Security Act (ISA) and any other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights and anti democracy. We as a student movement in which is based on the principle of justice with the responsibility towards the society and the country in fight for the principle of justice, fully support the cause of Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI).
Our condemnation towards the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the support towards Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI)aims and cause are based on the consideration, based on the principle of justice in which have become our root and also the responsibility that we carry towards the society and the country are based on these considerations:

1. Internal Security Act is against the human rights

The human rights had given and guaranteed the rights of every individual or groups freely voice out without any threats or intimidations or any other acts which contain threats or intimidation as the motive either from individuals or any other groups. Human rights also stress on the rights on any individuals or groups to be tried for the wrongdoings fairly in the institution of justice which is free from influenced and with integrity. Human rights also give and guaranty the rights of every person to be free from any threats, torture or any other acts which is motivated by threats and torture from any other individuals or groups. However, the Internal Security Act (ISA) any other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights and anti democracy not only deprived those rights on any particular individuals or groups but also legitimized those act.
Therefore, based on the principle of justice that we uphold and in fulfilling our responsibility towards the society and the country, thus we condemn and strongly opposed the Internal Security Act (ISA) and any other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights.

The Internal Security Act (ISA) is contradict to the Federal Constitution

The Federal Constitution gives, guaranty, and protects The Internal Security Act (ISA) and any other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights and anti democracy the rights of every citizen of Malaysia. On the other hand had given an absolute power to certain individuals and groups that have their own interest to blindly violate part of or wholly the rights of other individuals or groups. The Internal Security Act (ISA) and other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights and anti democracy had clearly against the Federal Constitution. Therefore, based on the principle of justice that we uphold and in fulfilling our responsibility towards the society and the country, thus we condemn and strongly opposed the Internal Security Act (ISA) and any other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights.

The internal security Act is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a declaration that had become the basis of international and national community to form an maintain peace and security to this world. It had gives, guaranties, and protects the rights of each and every groups and individuals. Any form of acts that restricts and deprive the rights is an act which goes against the world community. Other than that, it is also a serious violation and oppression towards peace and security of the world. Evidently enough, The Internal Security Act (ISA) and any other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights and anti democracy is oppressive in nature which of course contradict to the declaration. Those law had also clearly against the objective of the world community of achieving peace.

The Internal Security Act(ISA) is a form of threat towards the principle and practice of democracy.

Democracy had become the foundation of the formation and development of our country Malaysia. However, the Internal Security Act (ISA) and any other law in which having characteristic of anti human rights and anti democracy had legitimized the act of certain groups and individuals of intimidating those who exercising their rights as what had been provided in the Federal Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, the Internal Security Act and any other law that is equivalent to it do bring serious threats not only to the idea of democracy which is the basis of Malaysia and the world community.

To put in laconically, we, the student movement in which based on the concept of justice pleads:
  1. Abrogation of the Internal Security Act (ISA) and any other law that is against the human rights and the concept of democracy
  2. A free and fair trial without any influenced or pressure from any individuals or groups for all of the individuals that had been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or any other law that I against the human rights
  3. The release of the detainees under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or any other law that against the human rights and undemocratic that have been found not guilty or had been wrongfully arrest after been tried in a free and fair trial by the institution of justice
We also pleads every individuals or groups which in love of justice, society and the country to join us in Perhimpunan Mega Mansuhkan ISA on the 1st of August 2009 as a sign of solidarity and support fot this cause.

Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

Teoh Beng Hock and another "Suruhan" "Jaya" or "Suruhan Berbahaya"??

Bijan and Hamsor are part of malaysian future and they are having their own personal conversation.

Bijan: Beng Hock is such a lucky person. His death is one of the hottest conversation in our country you know..

Hamsor: Ya la... not only in our country, even the outsider also open their eyes for the issue. Then, they making another suruhanjaya..

Bijan: Suruhanjaya or "Suruhan Berbahaya"? You know la.. in Malaysia there too many "orang suruhan". So what is the purpose of another slave?

Hamsor: Hey, just give them a chance to try.. Let the "suruhan" do their job..

Bijan: hmm I agreed with you even there is another event "berbahaya" that happen in our country that we should give our intention..

Hamsor: What kind of event? H1N1?

Bijan: No la.. it's still ok. But the most "berbahaya" news is that Samy's nephew is joining in MIC!!

Hamsor: What? Ya, that is dengerous!

What so ever, (read Bijan and Hamsor from backwards).. Huhu..

Selasa, 14 Julai 2009

Hijjaz, Raihan, Rabbani and Shoutul Harakah!!

Hmm this is a shout announcement to those who still uninform about our grand concert...

Have you ever went to a concert where they give you the story behind it?

Have you ever went to a concert that bring along Raihan, Rabbani, Hijjaz and Shoutul Harakah together?

Now you have the chance to be with us in the concert.. Konsert antara Dunia!

They are the best Nasyid's artist ever in Malaysia..

And for those who never ever heard about Shoutul Harakah, they are the singer of jihads song such as 'Merah Saga', 'Derap Keadilan', 'Palestina Tercinta', and many more..

Hurry buy the tickets!!

If not you will be regret it..

Here I put one of the song of Shoutul Harakah, Merah Saga..


Saat Langit Berwarna Merah Saga
Dan Kerikil Perkasa
Meluncur Laksana Puluhan Peluru
Terbang Bersama Teriakan
Semua Menjadi Saksi
Atas Langkah Keberanianmu
Kita Juga Menjadi
Atas Keteguhanmu
Ketika Yahudi-yahudi Membantaimu
Berkesimbah Di Tanah Airmu
Mewangi Harum Genangan Darahmu
Membebaskan Bumi
Jihad Palestina
Perjuangan Tlah Kau Bayar Dengan Jiwa
Syahid Dalam

Jumaat, 10 Julai 2009

Rejuvenasi Pendidikan Islam? What?

Ha, those who still blur with the title can search trough Google or any kind of search engine to understand it.

I am not going to give you the answer..

But here I would like to discuss with you about our education system.Why does we always labeling some subject is important while the others are not?

I give an example, we always said that it is important to learn Math, Science and English, for me it is true. But, we must always remember that the other subject is also important or we should say more important especially Islamic education.

Without a strong Islamic education or on the other words is without a faith to the One God, we are nothing or useless in this world.

And without YOU going to the 'Kongres Pertama Rejuvenasi Pendidikan Islam' tomorrow.. It is useless for me to write this short article.

Haha.. What So Ever, All the Best K. Muna and the Gang for such a hard effort and struggle for the event. Check it out by yourself!!

Sabtu, 13 Jun 2009

Perakian meets Kelantanese??

Who said Perakian cannot be one of the kelantanese best friend?
Some people said that kelantanese always prefered to have a kelantanese friends only..
Is it true?

Shima(Perakian), Wani (Kelantanese), Wee (Pahang) and Hasni (Sabahan)

Haha.. there are several of my closed friends were Kelantanese.. and here I have my own answer.
What about you? Do you have any experiences that you want to share?

With Umi, Hajah and Friends at Puspanita's AGM
Here, I am sharing it with you...
For this two weeks I was being located at Kota Bharu and meet my friends who also in their industrial training. The fact is that they are kelantanese..
Here, Perakian meets Kelantanese..
Hmm.. Actually it is true that I have some communication problem at Gua Musang for the early weeks before we fit in the situation.

But in Kota Bharu, we are being more close to the true colours of Kelantanese..

What so ever, every one has its intrepetition of something.. and for me it's just make me understand the richness in type of human in this world. (haha.. ayat berlapik..)
Thats why Allah told us to meet other peoples and knows each other thats why Allah creats peoples different from one and another.
Haha actually it is not the main point.. The points is that I was in KB..
Here we are located at the lab and there are a few units under the lab which we are being divided into 3 groups and rotating between us for all units.
There are about 8 units that consist of Parasitology, Patology, Bacteriology, Virology, Serology, Media, Foot-and-Mouth disease lab (FMD) and KAV (Kes Awam Varterinar).

In KAV Lab

Hmm.. being in KB really make me miss Gua Musang so much..

We are destine to be a truly Gua Musang community..
Gua Musang.. Please wait for us..

Jumaat, 5 Jun 2009

Gua Musang and Me...

Here I put some of my daily diary in Gua Musang..

Don't feel bored... It's just an experience of me.. And this is my Blog..
So I write my story..
( Ha Ha (^_^) )

12 Mei

Today, we actually do not really know what will happen and because this is our first day in the office all of us just waiting for the officer to give us anything that we can do.

After waiting about half an hour (now it was 9! and we arrive at the office about 8.30 am) En Wan asking us to follow him..

And here we are.. at the Chicken hut..

Here we give some advice to the owner about his chicken..

The owner and its chicken..

Then, we went to Ladang Kelapa Matag to give injections of folligon to the sheep and take off CIDR that have been put on about 7 days..

The Cute sheep..

En Fuad injects the sheep

It's Me, holding a sheep and wearing Pro-M t-shirt..

(thats all for today..)

Program Motivasi SK Chiku 3


Hmm actually the video are specially made by me for the Students..

But you also can enjoy it..

Khamis, 28 Mei 2009

Rindu GAMIS!

Sedar tak sedar, Kongres Pertama Rejuvenasi Pendidikan Islam sudah hampir direalisasikan

Teringat masa mula-mula " brainstorming" isu ni.

Tahniah Kak Siti dan MT GAMIS. Juga AJK Kongres. Biar tak bersama, tapi jiwa saya tetap bersama perjuangan kalian.

Go Congress!!!
Bersama memartabatkan semula Pendidikan Islam Negara!

Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

'Gua Musang' here I am

Hmm.. it's been a period of time that I am not posting anything to the only blog of mine.

The reason is.. I am not being able to reach any internet connection around my workplace..

Hey, but I still can have it once a week here if we go to the 'pekan GM'

And here is the story of mine, the story of an experience in an alien place.. My industrial training's experience.

Arrive at Gua Musang

I was taking the bus to go there and reach by 2.30p.m.

Syima holding Alia, Tuk Wan and me..

Tuk Ayah..

(uncle Sidek)

After waiting about half an hour, Tuk Ayah came together with my friends to pick me up.

We stay in Tuk Ayah house for a day... Tuk Ayah live at one of Kesedar village which I forgot the name with Tok Wan and their grandchildren Alia ..

Sabtu, 9 Mei 2009

Surat Terbuka buat Kepimpinan Tertinggi..

Saudara/i yang tertinggi dalam organisasiku,

Ini merupakan surat terbuka buat saudara/i dimana saya teringin membuka bicara tetapi seakan tersekat dihadapan anda.

Saya seolah terpanggil berbicara soal kemaafan.

Kemaafan buat kepimpinan tertinggi atas kegagalan saya untuk membayar secara tunai tanggungjawab yang perlu dipikul. Tanggungjawab yang seolah tidak terbayar malah mungkin saya akan terus berhutang dengan saudara/i. Entah mungkin hutang itu dituntut di 'sana'.

Kemaafan juga atas kelompangan semasa dan ketiadaan saya diwaktu diperlukan. Ketidakhadiran ke pertemuan -pertemuan yang diaturkan. ketidakhadiran ke perbincangan yang diaturkan.

Kini, saya memohon keizinan untuk menghilangkan diri ke daerah terpencil tanpa laman sesawang yang dapat dicapai.

Mohon izin saudara-saudaraku sekalian...

Mohon izin...

dan keizinan dipohon..

( p/s- to those I believe that understand the message..especially GAMIS members. Ha ha this is maybe the last posting before I arrive GM.)

Ahad, 26 April 2009

You Speak English?

Behave yourself..

I am quit confuse with some peoples who try to sell things to peoples but not behave like to do it.

I'm sorry Linguaphone.. your staff are quit annoying and rude..

I am just arrive at PWTC and as I entered the building I had been approached by a few person that ask me to listen to Linguaphone promotion and I refuse hear it.

Again, in the building there are some saleswomen that asking me to hear them and again I am refusing by saying "It's Ok, Its OK" and went inside the nearest booth.

Again, I was shocked that she was mimicking what I have said and saying that I only know how to said It's OK, It's OK but didnt know how to speak English, and she raised her voice just to make me clearly listen to what she said..

I am very angry to hear them, but still confuse how can they sell those Rubbish with that RUBBish attitude?

What? How? Ish, Ish Ish never do this at home..or everywhere..Its prohibited..

Again, reminder to those who deal people to get their money.. Deal with people cleverly and you will be respected.. and easily get their money happily.

What so ever, dealing with people is harder than dealing with animals.. Just animals deal with animals attitude..

BUT, this is really a very good experience because I am writing it just now.. Haha.

(P/S- Jangan ingat orang pakai tudung lebih sikit tak reti cakap bahasa Inggeris, anda silap dengan kenyataan tersebut dan lebih teruk kalau anda tanya saya orang Kelantan dan ingat saya tak reti berbahasa Inggeris, bekas NC UM orang kelantan dan reti berbahasa Inggeris..So?)

Rabu, 1 April 2009

Having Friends is Cool

What is the title?

Ops, actually this is the article for those who I consider as Friends.....

Those who I consider friends, I am really miss all of you no matter where you are.

Hey friends, thanks for giving me the chance to be part of your life.

This is a big thanks for you..

1. Who borrowed me your laptops or computer. (Too many, Annur,K.annie, k.Aju, Ude, Naabil, K.Ani, K.Aisyah(ur computer is cool!!), Aiman, K. Wan, K.Lah, Mekja, Syud, K.Ira, MUMU, K. Sabil and those who not mention here) My lab report and assingment were sent on time because of you...

2. Those who once give me a ride to go anywhere... ( ur car is cool.. and because too many I just mention here just like above and more.. (k.Mayah, K.Is, K.Siti, K. Ainom, K. Fatin(PHM),K.Pah, K.Rai, K. Pipah, K.miza, K. Basirah wow too many) Dont worry ur motorcycle also cool ( fatin Nasibah, Fitrah, K.Nas, Syud biomed, K.syidah, K.Zilah, ish2 too many)

3. Those who give me anything, something and even advicing me.. ( again all those that I know is all of you, no matter PMIUM gangs. Aspirasi friends, Biotechs gangs, GAMIS gangs, Sc Students, Asasi gangs, Yusuffian gangs, Za'bahan, all of you...) Included boys..

4. Those who only give your best smiles to me... (hey it do give me inspiration!!)

All of you, I Thanks to Allah for giving me the chance to be part of all of you...

P/s- Those who read this, this is also included you...

(I dont Know why.. May be the time has come for me to be thankfull......)

Ahad, 29 Mac 2009

Cerita Lama.. Terkenang Semula...

Pengalaman bersama K. Siti dalam Muktamar Wanita Islam Serumpun Melayu yang menyatukan Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand (Pattani) dan Malaysia di Palace of the Golden Horses tiba-tiba menjengah..

Mungkin sebab baru dapat gambar.. ni..

Dr saodah berdiri ditengah, dikapit oleh saya dan K.Siti bersama seorang pembentang kertas kerja dari Indonesia di sebelah kanan beliau.

Pertemuan dengan Dr. Saodah dari UIAM amat memberi makna terutama kami sempat berusrah selama sejam dengan beliau di surau hotel.

Beliau yang bersikap terbuka sangat teruja menceritakan pengalaman beliau ketika belajar di luar negara.

Beliau menceritakan pengalaman terpaksa tinggal serumah dengan pelajar jurusan phd yang berlainan agama dan bangsa malah berlainan jantina.

Selepas 3 hari berkampung di Palace of The Golden Horses kami singgah ke Musawwah...

Di Hotel The Prince...

Bersama sahabat dari negara Afrika.. sangat mengujakan.....

Khamis, 26 Mac 2009


SIGMA stands for Srikandi Gerakan Muslimat Muda and I am part of them..

We actually are setting up a team...

who want to join us? come on...

We wait for you to be part of us and contact me..

Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

umm.. NO! Aku PASti !!

Aku mendengar Bicara Manusia...Bicara Insan

Manusia: What? 3 bulan tanpa Harakah dan Suara Keadilan?

PASti? Takkanlah KDN bodoh time nak dekat PRK ni nak gantung?

Insan: umm.. NO! Aku PASti

Of course la.. Ko tak baca UTUSan? Akhbar perdana paling DiperCAYAi?

Manusia: Umm.. NO!

Eh, mungkin BARisan NASIonal memang nak kalah kot? Satu sudut bila gantung akhbar alternatif PR macam diANIAYAI so rakyat akan simpati, jika kalah, PASti ada yang dipersalahkan.. Eh ini Komplot nak jatuhkan SESIAPA ke?

Insan: Sape? Anak Tun ZAK ke Anak Ulama'?

Manusia: Kalau kalah siapa yang paling terKESan? Sebelum ni BAR NASI da 3x kalah PRK tau!

Insan: Satu sudut lagi, ini memang strategi nak mengurangkan maklumat sampai kepada rakyat. Eh lupa pulak, suara keadilan dan haraKAHKAH mana boleh dijual kepada rakyat.

Sesiapa nak beli kena join salah satu parti. Jadi, orang PAS,UMNO dan DAP tidak boleh membeli Suara Keadilan.

Ahli PKR, UMNO dan DAP etc tidak boleh membeli HARHARakah. Jadi hanya satu boleh dimiliki dan hanya dibenarkan PINJAM dari sahabat dari parti yang lain.

Namun begitu, perlulah dipastikan orang mengaku ahli sesuatu parti benar-benar mengisi borang parti agar tidak diSALAHfahamkan oleh KDN.

Eh macam mana pula dengan yang tak join mana-mana parti? OWH lupa pula ada banyak alternatif lain seperti UTUSan dan BH...dan bolehlah meminjamnya dari Ahli sesuatu parti.


Tetapi Insan, saya bangga dengan KDN yang bekerja KERAS dengan memastikan keahlian PARTI orang yang membeli sesuatu surat khabar. Mungkin, KDN tidak TIDUR malam meLAKSAnakannya..

Baguslah, KDN tidak makan gaji BUTA..

Hmm jika selepas ini HarakahKAH dan Suara Keadilan dibenarkan dijual, mungkin ramai yang dah masuk salah satu parti kot?

Insan: umm NO! Aku PASti semua da isi borang UMNO sebab tu dibenarkan jual..

Manusia: ???

KuPASan Cerita ni macam RoJAK Kan? Yer la sempena RAZAK2SAT tengah nak NAIK ke Angkasa pemikiran pun bercampur LUMPUR..

Aku Harap RazakSAT2 JANGAN NAIK terhempas kat BULAN pulak

P/s- Is it OK? HU HU I think, Aku PASti!!

Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Still Smiling?? Plezz You're Wrong Sir!!

I can't stand to see people who had been proved to use money to buy his position still can smile and even still begged for giving the chance for him to compete in the UMNO election.

THIS is Wrong! Malaysian should not allow such a low integrity person like him to be one of the candidates of our leader..

It just like a ''BUDAYA'' that being shown that it is still OK what? "I only play with MONEY to get peoples vote NOT SHOWING my BODY to peoples like E..."

Hello.. You are FAR worse wrong.

Peoples.. we know that there are more peoples involve with the issue, it does not mean anything if you being captured since most of the peoples INSIDE are also doing THE SAME thing.

HaHa.. it is really funny because that is why HE still want to ask permission to compete..

Because you also do the same why can't I?

Hmm.. don't want to shout out more.. JUST SEE HIS FACE!!

Critical Or creative??

Have you heard that being a critical is not being creative?

Sometimes we think that being a critical person is how you think creatively but it is not.

Critical is about how you can be a person that can questioning something, Whether it is true or not, how it happens and critical also make you very alert of everything.

Actually, thinking is a skill that sets humans apart from other living beings on earth. Of course this is true since we human can choose what is good and what is bad for us. But, always remember that we have to refer back to al-Quran and Sunnah since that is our first sources.

Alif-Lâm-Mîm. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur'ân and none but Allâh (Alone) knows their meanings].This is the Book (the Qur'ân), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqûn [the pious and righteous persons who fear Allâh much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which He has forbidden) and love Allâh much (perform all kinds of good deeds which He has ordained)]. (Al-Baqarah 1-2:2)

The ability to think and reflect on one's own thoughts and actions has progressed human race from being cave-dwellers to setting foot on the moon. The fact is all human think, but some have mastered thinking skills and able to make better and reasoned decisions in their daily lives.

There are 3 types of thinking skills that all professionals needs to master:
  1. critical thinking
  2. constructive thinking
  3. creative and innovate thinking
But, now I only want to discuss about Critical Thinking.

Critical Tinking

Critical thiking is based on the notion of "getting the truth" and allows us to make informed desicions with the information available at hand. It dates back some 2500 years in ancient Greece where logic took centre stage with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Critical thinking is an important skill that allows us to analyze and evaluate information, evidence and ideas.

Critical thinking skills allow us to succeed in a world that is full of uncertainty and where perfect information can never be available.

Such as you must think when you read any newspaper, especially those political papers and conventional papers also any commercial that you read or watch on TV.


Hey, remember VISTA? When it first introduce, all peoples believe that it was better than previous software. But what actually happen now?

I do not want to answer this, you can think right? It is because, the people who introduce it have his own vested interest (of course for marketing), it has a good history and peoples believe on someone who they think have the authority to talk. What-so-ever. look at the picture and watch the youtube as a comment.

Khamis, 5 Mac 2009

Perakian Speaks!!

Tan Sri Prof. Dr. Khoo Khay Kim said,

What does democracy means?

Democracy is government of the people by the people for the people!

Being a Perakian is the fate of me.

Hmm.. ok what? we make the history of our country...

We have two MB in one time,

We have the most supported Sultan,

We are the first state that holding a state legislative assembly session under a tree,

And we do make the country BUSY a little bit. Historical, historic, hysteria...


This country not allowed us to take account on political issue, we can't say what ever that we want, we are punished by the system and most of us lost in there.

So, what is the philosophy of the student movement?

I do read paperworks on this and Prof Abu Bakar has wrote that student movement philosophy is the manifestacy by their status as the student of the university and their function as a matured citizen make them to be more exposed with the current world.

Students is the alternative voice of the peoples.

In the campus, university is the immediate surrounding that is very close to the students and here we interacts with our surroundings.

Our life always mix up by attending the lectures, doing experiments in the lab and finishing the assignments . Here also we should being exposed by the forums, seminar, and listens to ideas and do create new ideas.

Nowadays the students has become more pampered and I am in the same batch that we are those who didn't care about others but ourselves.

We are those who afraid to be more sincere about our feelings to others.

But, now I really do need you to express your feeling about the issues on Perak state..

Hey Perakian, we do have the voice and do speaks!

For me, I definitely will support those who I believe will not taking the money of the peoples, show himself as the real Malaysian( hu hu can speak mandarin some, Tamil some), calm and of course those who perform solat.. Who?

Hey I do care about my state, I do believe that Allah are always with those He know was saying the TRUTh.

Friends, campus is a transition state that we should take it as an important phase to educate ourselves and an essential process of gaining experience.

We learn a lot from experiences..

And Future leaders need experiences...

Ahad, 1 Mac 2009

The Scientis's Dinner

Hey we are just celebrating dinner for the final year students..

He He its just for EATING actually but we take more pictures than eating..

Sabtu, 3 Januari 2009

Intifadha! Intifadha! Hapuskan segala Kezaliman..

Serangan ganas Zionis laknatullah benar-benar telah melampaui batas setakat ini seramai 422 orang telah terbunuh.

GAMIS dan PMIUM mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya tindakan ganas ini an menyeru agar semua kampus untuk turun beramai-ramai ke perhimpunan SERIBU MAHASISWA MENGECAM ZIONIS.

Kita akan berarak beramai-ramai dari masjid Putrajaya...

Tarikh: 9hb Januari 2009
Tempat: Masjid Putrajaya
Masa: Lepas solat Jumaat

Tema pakaian: Hitam

Hapuskan segala kezaliman...
Bangkit Mahasiswa..