Khamis, 11 Disember 2008

The Rain is Coming, Peoples are Running

It seems that peoples all around are discussing about the tragedy of Bukit Antarabangsa..

Hmm what can I say is, peoples now blaming each others for this..

What I am afraid of is there there are peoples who blaming God, even though they only saying that it is because of the weather.

Hey Peoples, we have a list of people that we can blame on here:

- the builders
- person who give the permission to them
- ops the builders again because bribing the officer
- the Jabatan that not function as reserving the ALAM SEKITAR
- the BPR who always forgot to catch the bribers
- politician who forget about his function
- the buyers who support the financial of the bribers without thinking about the natures need
- the supporters or those who pay for the politician to win the election
- NGO's who seem not serious on discussing the subject
- Kyoto Protocol and the team
- the government (of course)
- education system that not support the learning of integrity
- Majlis Perbandaran that not really do their function
- WE that still don't understand what actually happen there, it is not about the granite, it is not about water flows it is not because of the house structure but it was us who that Allah wants to give the Reminders

Be thankful that we still alive and surviving from the tragedy and still can pray and ask ALlah for His forgiveness..

It shame of you still asking other peoples to be responsible with what happen without thinking maybe it is YOUR (our) faults..

Hey again, Be positive.. do live well after this..

Allah is listening to our prayers.... Do pray!!

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