Khamis, 11 Disember 2008

Being A Malaysian Is TOUGH

Funny right?

Being A Malaysian does TOUGH, since we are told not to worry about almost anything from our politician.

- Don’t worry , the ECONOMY is still OK. We will achieve more next


- Dont worry, there will be incentive for the FLOOD

- Don’t worry, AUKU is nothing we adjust it a little bit.. OK?

- Don’t worry we will make more ADVERTISEMENT in RTM to educate the society about Budget 2009

- Don’t worry we can control the PRICE of goods.

And bla.. bla… bla..

It is really tough for the society since we are not being told about the truth of what actually happening in front.

I’ll bet you must be not so worried about the economy of our country since it is being told by them that it still in good condition.

What so ever I am not an economist so you can ignore me.

But, we have to fit on our reality now.

WOW we ARE heading to a crucial global economy crisis; do you know why the oil price lowered?

Our country provided electrical products for Europe and US, and our peoples working in those factory, they are losing their market there so here the workers will lose their job..

There are lots of industries will be affected, the car company; Tourism industries; flight industries; etc

Hey believe or not, it is worth to have gold now than a car..

Just want to express the worried to others.. who still in comfort..

Ops forget to reminding you to not have bank loan now.. it just make you suffer then..

(talk like an economist la you!!) Who care?

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