Selasa, 18 November 2008

A ComeBack?

World of ours is not always the same and it will always changing..
So the change of attitude and positive spirit in our life must be always be refreshes

Hey, to all bloggers out there, there will be time this such of things will be end.

Have you ever heard Future studies?

I have learn it as 'kajian masa depan" ( wow En. Zufri really influencing me well)

Have you ever heard John Naisbitt before?

Wow he does have a good idea about the future economy, he had written a lot about the economy of China, India and more..

Hmm I think that this is the lack of the muslims now, we cannot expect our future and cannot plan our future.

Do you know that it is crucial for us to do Future studies because there are people are doing it and if we not they will plan for our future too..

Let me tell you why, can you imagine that the other countries around us are planing for rubber industries and thay need rubber from other places so we will be the support of that thing while they get the most income while they are the one that planning it.

So if we do not do so, others will do it..

Hmm but technology sometime also have a comeback, there is one of my friend told me that blogging will lost of interest someday and now people will get back to manual.

I dont know whether it is true or not, but it does have point since there are a lot of chnages in our world today.

What so ever here I am still make a comeback for blogging..

Do it as after reading 'Follow Your Heart' really make me Follow me heart.

(p/s- do read Andrew Mathews books it is delicious)