Khamis, 7 Ogos 2008

Let them TALK !

It is quit confuse here because I am not the one that said " Stop the bar council from discussing 'memeluk Islam'.

I am a person that believes everyone is given the same chance to talk; I also believe that democracy needs us to be like that.

So, let them discussing the subject and of course those who are not in terms of agree to them must give their opinion that will make the person who involve in the forum understand.

Give your 'Hujah' la..

It is easier than you ask them to stop and leave them with heartbroken and misunderstood.

For the Bar Council's group, you are lucky man.. You got all the free promotion from the media and I believe that there will be a lot of peoples will attend the forum.

For the 'Kerajaan', do not forget to send your peoples there (what kind of suggestion? of course they do.. hu hu {sb}).

Hey, the suggestion also valid to PAS and make sure you come with preparation.

( this is truly written by ME )

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syudnuc berkata...

cuma ingat satu ayat Allah yang mengatakan; org mukmin itu berkasih sayang sesama mereka dan bertegas dengan org kafir.

jgn terlalu nak meraikan..demokrasi pun kena la bertempat cik fariza=)
Islam daj bg panduan...

syudnuc berkata...

aku maksudkan surah al-fath ayat 29..

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