Ahad, 8 Jun 2008

Reading Saud's Family Secrets..

It is always a thrill to reads books like the biography of someone that is not always known by peoples around.

Even though it is not a secret anymore since it was published world wide, it is always been something unique to read.

The Book that I’ve read is not the official first book of her but I am still searching ‘The Princess’ the first book about Sultana.

Sultana is the princess of Saud’s Family, Ali’s daughter.

After reading the book, I still can’t imagine how far she can be in her life..

She is a Muslim but she drunk, even failed to show the goodness of Islam.

She always think that the Arab’s women always being in a cave and cannot have the chances that being given to the men.

Yes, her statement always being quit feminine and some are true.

Can you imagine that Malaysian women are not allowed to drive on the road as the Saudis?

Reading the books makes me feel very grateful that I am learning and practicing Islam in a way of understanding it.

Islam always show us the right way to do decisions, to run our lives even show us that everything will come back to Allah.

The beautifulness of Islam not only on the verses of Quran but also the Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life is part of the beauty.

The Sunnah ( what ever things that Muhammad pbuh said and do) must be part of it.

From the book also I recognize the habits of rich peoples.

I only can not accept that they just throw their money to whatever they want and even still think that they are the most generous peoples.

Do they ever know that there are always the muslim country that suffer in the starvation?

But it is always a hope that she was changed now and even getting better.


Try to read those books and you will fell fascinating about it.

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