Khamis, 5 Jun 2008


Saya masih berada di atas bas semasa harga komoditi itu diumumkan akan naik pada keesokan hari..dan saya tidak akan tahu harga minyak naik kalau tidak mendapat mesej urgent dari sahabat saya..

Dan semasa perjalanan di dalam LRT saya dapat mengikuti perbualan menarik antara 2 orang melayu yang berbahasa inggeris..

Entah kerana apa mereka seakan berdebat berbincang tentang isu minyak yang seakan tiada sudahnya...

ikuti perbualan diorang..

Anything can change in a minute..

They can rise the price anytime..

Ya, eventhough they have been given a statement that the fuel's price are not going to increase in jun.

They run and RUIN the country, so thay can say anything..

HELLO.. We are the tax payers... And they run the country based on our money..

Now I agree with you.. Why can't they just cut their pocket money for the sake of the country since them as a politician even promises a lot to the voters..

promises are came from a rare mountain so we always fails to climb and achieved it..

You know? Now I am waiting for MAHATHIR to say something...(laugh)

With his MAHA who knows that the price will get lower..( still laugh)

Dont be stupid if the PAK leLAH cannot do anything.. What the PENCEN one can do for the country..

What so ever.. PLease dont mention me about that MAn..

His LAH always make me angry..

TakpeLAH...(masa nak kawin)

NantiLAH...(masa nak PRU)

OK Ok now we in the LRT, After this are you planing to fill your fuel tank?

That is NOT necessary.. since they win again.. I never let my tank be empty.. And last night as usual not to feel regret the tank had been filled full with that expensive thing.. So today I am not competing to get the fuel and let myself to be stuck in jam..

How Brilliant you are that can do something that peoples can accept...

Hey we arrive the station now.. ok see you again

Ok see ya!

Selamat tinggal Harga LAma... And you are not welcome New PRICE

P/S Never ever say like this infront OLD people like TUN

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Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin berkata...

they RUN the country or they RUIN it?

Fariza berkata...

yes they RUIN the country..
It is not english..its maylish..
Thanks for asking

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