Selasa, 10 Jun 2008

Lost In a Book WORLD..

Visiting kinokuniya is a very ideal idea that has come to my mind last weekend.

The mission is to grab the book that I can’t find in um library since this few weeks, ‘Men from Mars and Women from Venus’.

Why am I interested on reading the book? Hmm the answer is quit unique.. Its only because I saw a Chinese girl are reading the book in the LRT with a little smile on her face.

As usual, if I saw a lot of books I became crazy and hoping that I’m very rich to buy all those books.

But, too sad my pocket money is just enough for me to buy a single book.

The great thing is I found my dreams book here..

I spent about half an hour to read the book and it is really a fun and useful book to read as I thought.

Then, I became obsess with other kinds of books there.. English novels.. Biography of popular peoples..and to the infamous section the leaders articles and so on.

Finally I dropped the aim book and replaced it with a very attracted book entitled ‘I AM MUSLIM’ written by Dina Zaman.( now I am in a process of reading it)

Islam and book..Knowledge

As a Muslim I was taught that the first verse of Quran told us the important of knowledge for the human. Even there is a need for the Muslim to learn varieties of knowledge.

Learn to recite the Quran is also part of it.

And as always, I am very impress with this statement.

It is a lot of knowledge that we can grab from the Holy Book, even there are scientific evidences found in there.

Can you imagine the stage of the fetus growth also found in the Quranic verses before human realize it? (yasin:77 , al-insan, al-Qiyamah and etc.)

Hmm Quran is a relevant Holy Book, try to read it.

Surah Al-‘alaq
The Clot:1
Read! In the name of your Lord who has created
(all that exists).

That’s why I am in the book store! Knowledge is Power..

Even The Massenger, Prophet of Muhammad peace be upon him said that

If you want the world (dunia) you need knowledge,

if you want the Akhirat (the life after the death life) you need knowledge,

and if you want BOTH you need knowledge

What a beauty words!

Final Fantasy

Before stepping out Kinokuniya, Nabiil and I promise each other to lend each other book, so now I am having two books with a single price. (what a beauty of ukhuwah(friendship) there)

We also decide to come again together after both books had been read and with a new aim.

I hope Safi Abdi’s books will be on the shelve!

Bye kinokuniya.. We’ll see again in future.. InsyaAllah (with Allah’s will)

3 ulasan: berkata...

saya penah tgk sekali lalu je buku ni.nampak macam ade bau islam Liberal.nauzubillah hi min zalik.

Fiey berkata...

salam pija, nice post..and i agree with your statement..bila masuk je gedung buku..rasa kejap je masa...huhu..memang rambang mata bila duk kat sana..rasa xnak balik pun ada..biar berjam2 lepak kat situ..rela..hehe..well, if u dont mind..i feel interesting bout that book..I'm Muslim. coz my lecturer also encourage us 2 read that book..can i borrow it when the next sem begin?huhu..I also miss RS..send my regards to them ya..


Fariza berkata...

he he fiey nak pinjam?
boleh.. tapi kena jaga buku tu lek lok ye..

pasal islam liberal
memang ad baunya tetapi takkan sebab macam tu kita tak baca buku mcm ni

mcm mana nak komen kalau tak baca habis?

ok try to read it give her any comment and advice...

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