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Hey Whats Going On SHAHrizat? I'm Supporting YOU

Shahrizat's new secretariat to draft plan for Muslim women by next week

Husna Yusop

PUTRAJAYA (June 20, 2008): A strategic plan for the development of Muslim women will be drafted for the government’s consideration by a new secretariat chaired by former minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.

The plan, being drafted with the cooperation of other women leaders including from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), is meant to tackle all Muslim women issues, especially with regards to Family Law.

It is expected to be ready next week.

"Our first task is to determine the direction and strategic plan for Muslim women in Malaysia. The Prime Minister (PM) has told us to get it done by next week. So, I will sit down with all the leaders to come out with the plan.

"And, definitely I will have to work very closely with Minister in the PM's Department Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi because he is the minister while I am only an adviser.

"Then only we will go to the PM with the ideas for the strategic plan," she said after a meeting between PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and 215 participants from 76 Muslim women and welfare NGOs.

Shahrizat said Abdullah has agreed with the setting-up of the secretariat which will be placed under her office as the PM’s adviser for women and social development affairs.
Abdullah is the Patron for the secretariat.

"We need a strategic plan for Muslim women because there are many issues concerning them. We already have the laws and policies but the problem is with implementation.

"There are also issues which are drastic but have long been ignored such as concerning the Syariah Court. We have been talking so much and now is the time for action," she said, adding the secretariat will become like a centre for Muslim women protection.

She also said she would ensure there would be no redundancy in terms of the work done with the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

"It would not be redundant because we are one government. What is important to me, the secretariat is working towards solving as much problems faced by Muslim women.

"The main focus will be given to Muslim Family Law and protection for women in the Syariah Court in dealing with issues such as child custody, maintenance and women’s rights," she added.

(the Sun)

ME myself?

What a very brilliant idea of introducing such a secretariat

No matter what does the government’s agenda on the secretariat, as a Woman I am in a very good mood on telling you that this is a very good way to support us..

As usual there will always problems on setting up new plan since we will always make the plan but not really doing it…

That’s what happen to all the women development agenda, RMK9 and bla.. bla..plan

Me opinion

I consider the secretariat should not focus on Muslims women only but making it as universal secretariat focusing on women.

I also hope that the secretariat also helps us women who are being discriminated in most of working fields.

My friends who are wearing “tudung labuh” cannot get work at the banks. They change their personality to get there.

There are also some schools that put regulations on teachers who cannot wear the ‘jubah’ kind of wears at the school.

Even in the university we can’t wear the ‘purdah’. Poor K. Yat who had been asked by the NC for not wearing it, but she never open it.

Hey we are discriminated here.. Help us.

SO I’m giving credit to Pak LAH for doing it..

*beware I'm here of reminding you that next week is coming...

(hu hu scared enough?)

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mujahidah88 berkata...

sama2 kite tnggu yer k.pija...tak saba nk tngk ape planningnya...harap bertindak seperti ape yang dikatakan..kalo tak..emmm...tak tawla ape nak jd..insyALLAH memberi kebaikan kt wanita2 di malaysia yg 'aman'ni..

Fariza berkata...

betul mujahidah88, we wait and see then ask them what have they done..

Syarifah Syaheerah berkata...

Salam sis ,

Can u let me know your email pls?
I've tried nur_jayyid@yahoo.com but it seems to be wrong dear..


Fariza berkata...

nur_jayyid@yahoo.com.my nama dalam tu Fatimah Abdullah

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