Selasa, 8 April 2008

Life Seems To be Short..

Lately there are lots of cases that had been connected with my gender in Malaysia. As a woman, I was brought into sad feeling because of what happen to the sweet form five student, Nurul Anira Che Rosik just few days back. The police believe that she had been raped by more than one person and it is also believe that she knew the person indeed.

Just before this week we can see that a lot of dead babies are found. Again I was brought into sorrow on this matter. What kind of human that can kill her own children?

The babies are never in sin, even the mother just adding their own sins by killing them.

Time is really running out girls!

Time is really running out Women!

Time is really running out females!

Jannah or heaven seems to be so far away to achieve. Even the Prophet
Muhammad said that we are those who fulfill the hell.

Hey men you also involve in this matter, why didn’t you teach your daughter how to dress in Islamic way? Why didn’t you told your sister the Islamic way of life?

Hey parents! You are the person that can be asked by Allah about what have you teach to your children.

And Me? I must do something for the ummah…

Lets do it together..

Student, 17, raped,strangled and buried

By : Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah

JELI: A 17-year-old girl was found murdered on Saturday, her body buried barely 500m from her home in Kampung Chengal Bedil, Kuala Balah, in Kelantan.

According to police, the victim was raped and strangled.

The family of Nurul Anira Che Rosik had lodged a missing person's report at 7pm on Friday.

Before that, a search party had looked for her after she failed to return from tuition at her school but the search was called off when darkness set in.

The search continued the next day, this time with the help of a police tracker dog.

At 7pm, the search party found the first clue when a sandal and a soft-cloth hairband was found in a shallow ravine in a rubber smallholding near her home.

The tracker dog later sniffed out a mound of earth near a clump of bamboo. This turned out to be Nurul Anira's grave.

Her half-naked body, with her hands tied at the front with her tudung, was sent to the district hospital for a post-mortem.

District police chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Hanifah Abdul Malik said the post-mortem findings were that Nurul Anira had been raped, then strangled.

The victim's parents, who are divorced, were besides themselves with anguish at the district hospital mortuary yesterday.

Nurul Anira's father refused to speak to reporters but her teary-eyed mother, Rosnani Rahim, 44, said she could not believe such a thing had happened to her daughter, the fifth of six siblings.

Rosnani said Nurul Anira had left home for school on Friday morning clad in a baju kurung and tudung.

The routine was a kilometre walk to the main road, where she would board a bus to her school, SM Jeli 1.

Classes that day were held until 1pm. Rosnani said the family began to worry when Nurul Anira did not return after that. They waited until evening before lodging a report at the Jeli police headquarters.

"As usual, she left the house after taking a simple breakfast and told me she would meet her friends at the bus stop. She would normally return after zohor prayers.

"When she had not come home by maghrib prayers, I was panicky and asked neighbours to help me search for her. When we failed to find her, I lodged the report.

"At that time, I really believed that she had been kidnapped. Never did it cross my mind that she might have been murdered," said Rosnani.

Villager Che Noh Mat Hussin said the rubber smallholding where Nurul Anira's body was found was isolated but sometimes used by villagers as a shortcut to the main road.

"This is the first time something like this has happened in our village. This place usually does not have any crime," said the rubber tapper who was a member of the search party that found the girl's body.

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