Ahad, 16 Mac 2008

Poster Presentation

It is nice to write again!

Last Saturday (15th March 17, 2008) our group from ISB had been presented our poster at a very beautiful place at Rimba Ilmu.

It is an activity to evaluate our ‘Kemahiran Insaniah’ marks so that we can pass one of the graduation rules (never done before).

Our poster actually shows how bad pollution is and we also shown some of the technology that has been known can help to reduce or control and prevent the pollution.

Pollution is not only important for the environmentalist; it is also an issue that must be tackling by the Muslim’s world. Islam is the way of life, and the prophet had shown us how we have to take care of cleanliness of the body as we want to pray and the wudu’ is one of its expressions.

On the ISB open day, we also had been introduced by the lecturer about the goodness of using the paper begs. All of our foods are packed in brown paper bag that it is a new experience to all of the students.

In order to evaluate our presentation, there are two lecturers had been sent to our group. They are Dr. Amru (my favorite lecturer) and Dr. Habibah. Both of them give different comments but the more encouraging one was come from Dr. Amru lips.

It was a great day, thanks to Allah of His Mighty help to all of us. Even though it is a great experience, some of the activities actually not shown part of our lecturer’s intelligent. I was thought that this is an intellectual program that we can build a future minded person but it is being polluted by the singing session outside the building.

Some of the students (herbs part) also did not give a good cooperation to the peoples who come to hear their explanations but I think it is because they did not have any experience to conduct any activity before.

A credit should be given to the lecturers that clean all the places. They had done their role successfully and collect all the plastic bottles that being thrown.

Wong, Firdaus and Khairul are making the pollution part.

My group members and me are doing the technology part.
(arif the cameraman not in pictures)

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